lodgyslife AG

Share Information

  • ISIN: DE000A2LQ710
  • WKN: A2LQ71

Number of Shares issued


Share Capital

3.801.600 Euro

Share Class

Bearer Shares without par-value

Market Segment


Stock Exchange

Hamburg (XETRA and FWB in preparation)


mwb fairtrade Wertpapierhandelsbank

First Tradingday



The shares of the Company are evidenced by global certificates. The right to individual securitization is excluded.

Transferability / Tradeability

The tradability of the shares is not restricted by the Company; they are freely transferable.

Dividend Policy

The shareholders decide on the appropriation of net income at the Annual General Meeting following the fiscal year in question. In the long term, dividend payments are conceivable, but these depend in particular on the Company's earnings situation, its financial resources, liquidity requirements, future prospects, and legal, tax and other conditions.


All issued shares are fully paid up. All share issues in the Company's history have been financed with cash from shareholders or contributions in-kind. Subscription rights, convertible securities, exchangeable securities or securities with warrants have not been issued to date.


lodgyslife AG is a small corporation within the meaning of Section 267(1) of the German Commercial Code (HBG) and is therefore not subject to the audit requirement yet.